That weird old detective is out
there, so I'm not leaving.

Guess someone's in there.

Yeah, it's occupied. Rude of me to
keep on knocking, huh.

The door is locked, but there's
no answer.

I don't like mirrors.

It's almost like there's an unknown
world right on the other side.

And the person staring at me isn't
really me, just an imitator.

I know how stupid that sounds,
but that's how I feel.

But if I keep thinking about it,
it just makes me feel sick.

I don't like mirrors.

The mark on this mirror...
It looks so familiar somehow.

What do I know it from?
Where did I once see it...?

And...why does my head hurt so
much when I try to remember it?

The road is blocked with empty
boxes and stuff. I can't get through.

Well, that's helpful. Maybe I should
walk around it...never mind.

But how did this car park here?

Just cardboard boxes.
Nothing useful inside either.

The locker door won't open.
Guess I'll just leave it alone.

There're lots of things posted on
the bulletin board -- notices,
schedules, stuff like that.

I don't think they're important.

The fire-proof shutters are down.
I can't get past here.

It's just a poster.
Big deal.

Something about this face...
It's a little creepy.

There's a lot of stuff posted up here,
but nothing useful.

It'd be too hard to get through here
with all the boxes and pallets.

I push the button, but the elevator
won't come.
Is it broken or something?