Why would something like this
be here? This isn't a hospital!

Why would there be a stretcher
here? And who's this sleeping on it?

Oops--not sleeping.

This is where the walnut used to be.

There was a nice silver ring in here
the last time I came...

Bummer that it's gone, huh.

The glass is broken in the showcase
and it's totally empty.

That's too bad.

There's warm steam coming out
of the pipe.

But there's nothing else interesting
going on here.

There are glasses and plates on
the counter.

But there's really nothing important

There's a menu on the wall.
It looks like this was once a café.

Lots of stuff is posted on the wall
here, but nothing of any use.

There's a completely average picture
hanging here.

I haven't taken a good look at it, but
I doubt there's anything worthwhile

I think I'll forget about this box
for now.

Even the Call button seems to be
broken. The doors just won't move.

This elevator is the same as that
weird one earlier.

Did I get to this world by riding
in this thing...?

Wonder what would happen if
I gave it another whirl?

I can press the button all I like, but
the doors won't open. Oh, well.

I can't see anything...
I can't hear anything...

What was that, I wonder?

I thought I heard someone say

This store used to have really
nice stuff.

But now it's all falling apart like
years have passed or something....

There's nothing in the dirty
cardboard box.

There's a mannequin arm and body
on the floor in the dressing room.

I know it's just a big doll, but
it's still downright nasty.

A bunch of dismembered

There's some sort of switch here.

I'd better not mess with it.

The vent fan switch is off.

Will you turn the switch on?

The vent fan switch is on.

Will you turn the switch off?

Dunno what kind of switch it is,
but it's on.

Will you turn the switch off?

I used this to make gas earlier.
Best not to stick my head in too far.

Who knows what's left in there?

It's empty.

I'm not going any further.
It's creepy and dangerous to boot.

There's got to be a way. I can't
very well stab them one by one...

Some insecticide would do the trick.

I'm not going any further.
It's creepy and dangerous to boot.

I don't particularly want to die!
Better stay out of that hallway.

The vent fan's not running,
so there's probably still poison
gas in the air.

This pattern looks like it could have
been drawn in blood. I bet it's some
sort of cursed symbol.

No wonder my head hurts and I feel
so awful when I look at it.

In the middle of the platform is
some kind of vise.

There's a sort of vise here.

There are shackles here.
They look pretty broken in...gross.

That stain on the restraint is
shaped like a human....

I don't want to even think about
what this platform was used for.

What is this, trash?
No--it smells different somehow.

Like blood, or rotting meat...
So this might be...

No nut in the walnut shell, just a...
a jewel?